Those who choose to retire with ADP will have access to a retirement plan designed to protect them financially in their golden years. Retirement plan details are available at www.mykplan.com.


Mykplan is a convenient, self-service benefits administration platform that is available to ADP staff members.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Participant Portal safeguard my account details?

The latest in encryption and Internet security practises have been included into the architecture of the Participant Portal. Strong encryption is needed for the participant portal, which was formerly only available in the United States and is still unavailable in nations under an embargo by the United States. Your account is protected by cutting-edge technology, and that’s why we’re always adding new layers of protection.

Explain the ADP retirement programme.

The simple interface of an ADP® retirement plan is a boon to both employers and workers. Complete mapping between the plan and ADP payroll systems. Service provided by professionals, and a company with a track record of excellence in staff education and development. A chance to use professional money-management resources.

My account balance is $401,000; may my employer view this?

Can your 401,000 balance be viewed by your employer? The plan administrator at your workplace can view your account balance and the investments you make.

I need to view my 401(k) account statement, but I don’t know how.

The bank statement often includes website information and a customer care phone number. If you cannot locate a previous plan statement, contact your company’s human resources department and inquire about the individual responsible for creating the 401(k) plan.

Where can I get proof that my 401(k) is active?

Seeing your 401(k) balance is a simple process if you already have one. The bank must send you a statement either in physical form or electronically. If you don’t know who the vendor is or how to get in, you should ask your company’s human resources department.

Can you explain what happens if my unique registration code eventually stops working?

In the event that you have forgotten your personal registration code, you can either register again by answering a set of identity questions, or obtain a new code.