About ADP

As an American company, ADP specialises in HR and payroll administration solutions. Henry Taub established Mykplan in 1949 in Paterson, New Jersey, USA. Henry Taub and his brother Joe Taub started a payroll service for small businesses by hand in 1949.

Company name was changed from Automatic Payroll to Automatic Data Processing in 1961. (ADP). It all began with punch cards, mainframes, and check printers. With over 300 customers and 125 workers, the firm became public in 1961.


In addition, ADP provides a retirement plan to ensure a comfortable retirement. Visit www.mykplan.com to learn more about pension options. MyKplan is a self-service site available to ADP workers. Employees may check their salary, hours worked, direct deposit status, direct deposit amounts, and more in this section.

Members of the ADP 401(k) Plan can access the Participant Portal here.

To make adjustments to your retirement account contributions or investment allocations, visit the subscriber website for ADP Retirement Services at www.mykplan.com or use the ADP mobile app.

Can your 401,000 balance be viewed by your employer? The plan administrator at your workplace can view your account balance and the investments you make.

On your monthly bank statement, you can see the branch’s address and the number to contact if you need assistance. If you have lost your previous plan statement, contact your company’s human resources and inquire about the individual responsible for creating the Mykplan 401(k) plan.

To get help with everything from signing up for an account to logging in, just call or visit the office that is most convenient for you. I pray that the data I’ve given you will come in handy at the right time.